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Artist Statement

My interest in art started when I was very young; all my life I have found myself surrounded by art in various, sometimes unconventional forms. For example, my mother is a florist, as well as the fact that I was born and raised in New Orleans which itself is built on the arts. Yet art for me is kind of like another limb attached to my body not to sound too cliche, but it’s always been something I’ve leaned on to express myself in various ways. My art is an outlet for me to explore many different topics that have been very important in my life such as gender, religion, familial ties, fear, and more. You can see these themes pop up throughout my pieces in my portfolio as well as just in my art process. The process behind making my art is honestly very different depending on each piece, but the one thing they all have in common is the fluidity I try to keep with each. My thinking behind my process of making art is that I like to have some image of what I want it to look like in the end but I keep it loose. With time or what I’m going through the art piece remains constantly changing until I feel like I’m done with it. I find that this process is what keeps my pieces the most personal to me, while also showing growth in my technical skill. Various things contribute to the outcome of a piece though, the medium is also another thing that plays a big role. I like to trap the viewer in at first glance, and then ask them to look for the meaning behind my work. Yet the fun thing about it is that no one will ever know the full meaning behind some pieces, as I myself do not either, which is where the true magic and mystery of my art’s connection to me lies.

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